Ben "Snacks" Gadd

Jacked by Snacks

Personal Trainer and Powerlifter


  • Strength and Performance Training
  • Powerlifting Training and Coaching
  • Strength and Conditioning for Athletes
  • General Fitness (all skill levels welcome!)
  • Waffles and Sarcastic Jokes


Trainer Bio

My name is Ben "Snacks" Gadd and I am a Personal Trainer based out of my home gym Frankie's Body Shop in Knoxville, TN. Why Snacks? Well I have always been a bigger guy and I enjoy my snacks. When I was in the Marine Corps, I would take snacks or my camping stove out on field ops to cook, so the name kind of stuck real quick. Although some (most) mornings I enjoy waffles before my workouts and have been known to eat Sour Patch Kids during my workouts.

I am passionate about helping and serving others, especially those that are wanting to perform better, become strong and interested in beginning their journey in powerlifting. I want to work with anyone that is interested in working hard and having fun doing it. So check out my website and send me an email and let's get to work!